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Asphalt By Design has built a reputation in Alpharetta and the surrounding area as a premier asphalt service company. Since 2000 we have served both residential and commercial properties. Both home and business owner love our dependable work, our quality products, and our affordable service. We perform all types of asphalt projects including paving, repair, cut & patch, striping, and seal-coating. Our entire team of professionals are certified, state-licensed, and highly trained to do any number of projects that range from massive parking lots all the way down to small walkways in your landscape. if you want the job done right and done fast, then depend on our Alpharetta asphalt seal coating experts. We are North Central Georgia's asphalt experts.

Durable Asphalt Seal-Coating

For long-lasting asphalt, try our seal-coating service. Seal coat provide the ultimate asphalt protect from moisture, oxidation, oil, grease, and vehicular impact. With seal-coating the average asphalt surface will last for 15-20 years. Seal-coat also protect all striping and paint on your asphalt surface and helps it to retain it's bright appearance.

Innovative Asphalt Striping

If you need clear marking on your asphalt surface then go with the pros! We have the most advanced striping technology and equipment on the market today. Our experienced technicians perform every striping job with absolute precision and accuracy. This insures that every mark on your asphalt striping is clearly market and vibrant. We can strip any parking lot, walkways, handicapped space, and even do stencil work and curb markings.

Asphalt Repair

If you have an asphalt surface that is experiencing cracks, potholes, loose areas, and cut & patch service isn't adequate, then try full repair from Asphalt By Design. We can perform all types of repairs for any area of your surface. We can can even do full asphalt replacement. We excavate and remove all old asphalt and replace your property with brand new mixture. Regardless of your repair needs we can do the job.

Cut & Patch

With asphalt cut & patch type of repair, we focus on smaller issues before they turn into larger expensive problems. Most of the issues we face are items such as potholes, small cracks, and isolated areas where there is gravel-type asphalt that is loose. We simply cut a perimeter around the damaged areas, clear out all the old asphalt, and refill it with new, freshly graded, smooth asphalt. Most job can be completed in a matter of a few hours.

What Alpharetta is Saying About Asphalt By Design

"Seal Asphalt Comments: Professional and completed as promised. I will definitely use them again."

- Mr. Duane G. Alpharetta, GA

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