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Duluth Asphalt seal coating

Asphalt By Design Is a comprehensive asphalt company in Duluth. We provide a wide array of asphalt products for both homes and businesses across North Central Georgia. Our services include asphalt seal coating, striping, repair, paving and cut & patch work. Our experienced staff is qualified to perform and job regardless of how large or small. Whether you need a parking lot, walkway or driveway, contact us today. We offer exceptional asphalt service, high quality products, and affordable rates.

Asphalt Seal-Coating

Once your asphalt has been laid and has dried, it's important to apply seal-coat to the surface immediately afterwards. Seal Coat offer maximum protection from all destructive components including water, oxidation, grease, oil, and vehicle penetration. With seal-coat the asphalt holds up remarkably well for long periods of time while retaining its fresh look. We recommend a coat of sealant at least once every 4-6 years. This will help your asphalt driveway or parking lot last for up to 20 years.

Asphalt Striping

We stripe all parking lots and other designs on all asphalt surfaces. We have the equipment and technology that helps us stripe all asphalt areas with precision and accuracy. No matter how intricate or simple parking lot pattern is we can get it done in a manner that is professional and fast. Show us your plan and we'll get to work. We use industry standard high quality paint that is durable and doesn't quickly fade. You can choose from any number of colors. Contact us today to discover all the options that are available to you from Asphalt By Design. We are Duluth's asphalt striping leader.

Asphalt Paving

Need your property freshly paved? We provide full service asphalt paving for all residential and commercial properties. Whether you a huge area for a parking lot, or a simple driveway for you home, we do it all. Our pavement service includes brand new pavement jobs, repair services, and also total replacement. We can also pave asphalt over other surfaces depending on what type of surface it is. We use high quality asphalt mixture that is durable and attractive. We always provide prompt, affordable service and we work quickly in order to save you money.

Asphalt Repair

If you are starting to notice that your current asphalt surface has cracks, potholes, or lose areas where there are smaller asphalt pieces, then it may be time for repairs. If you are attempting to reseal your surface without actually repairing it first, then you are wasting money, as sealant cannot fully protect the asphalt when it's already in poor condition. It's important to repair areas of your asphalt before moisture and oxidation begin to cause deterioration. Small repairs are easy and low cost. We can fix most repairs in just a few hours. We also do full asphalt replacement and resurfacing. Contact us today for an on-site inspection and a free estimate. Call our Duluth asphalt seal coating experts today.

Duluth, GA

If you are looking for a asphalt expert in the Duluth area then please call 678-463-5583 or complete our online request form.