Comprehensive Asphalt & Paving Company Service in Atlanta

With a wide range products and services, and over a decade of professional industry experience, Asphalt By Design has become North Central Georgia's #1 asphalt company. Our Asphalt & Paving Company in Atlanta, do asphalt work on both residential and commercial properties. We do everything from paving, to seal-coating, striping, repair, and cut & patch. There is no job too large or small for our professional staff. Whether you need a parking lot paved, a simple walkway through your landscape or park, or even a driveway, we lay asphalt for any number of projects. Contact our Atlanta asphalt seal coating experts today to find out more about all the options available to you and read below to discover all our many services for both home and businesses owners.

Atlanta Asphalt PavingComplete Asphalt Paving

For a job done right and beautiful finish on your next asphalt project, contact Atlanta asphalt services today. Our team of contractors specializes in all asphalt paving projects. We perform an on-site inspection, determine your needs, and then go to work to lay down a rock-solid, durable, and attractive asphalt pavement with a smooth finish and a touch surface. We use only the highest quality mixture in all of our asphalt. This insures that you get a long-lasting product that can withstand heavy weigh, moisture, and extreme temperatures.Read More

Atlanta Asphalt StripingAsphalt Striping

In addition to paving, we put the finishing touches on all of our project by offering asphalt striping. We do all design that includes parking lots, stencil designs, handicapped spaces, and curb markings. Asphalt striping requires absolute accuracy and precision. We utilize both advanced technology and a team of experienced technicians who can paint every design and every stripe with clarity, brightness, and clear markers. When the job is done you have a stunning new design on your parking lot that is clearly marked with a professional and long-lasting.Read More

Atlanta Asphalt Seal-CoatingAsphalt Seal-Coating

Once your asphalt is laid and striped and the job is complete, it is important to protect the asphalt so that it retains it's finish for several years to come. We recommend adding a layer of seal-coat across the surface of the asphalt. This gives a protective shield that helps it to resist moisture, sunlight, extreme temperatures and automobile weight. This type of preventative maintenance should be applied at least once every 4-6 years for maximum durability.Read More

Atlanta Cut & Patch RestorationCut & Patch Restoration

From time to time, even the most well built and durable asphalt surfaces will begin to experience normal wear and tear. This usually happens in the form of cracks, potholes, and areas with loose gravel. When this occurs, it is important get it fixed right away. As with most things, small minor issues can turn into major costly repairs if not handled right away. Our cut & patch repair service is fast, affordable and simple. Most job can be done within just a few hours. Don't let small imperfections in your asphalt cause wear and tear on vehicles or even cause an injury from tripping and falling. Read More

Atlanta Asphalt RepairAsphalt Repair

Whether you need a simple cut & patch job, an entire section of loose asphalt replaced, or a brand entire new surface to replace the old one, we we do full asphalt repair for all homes and businesses. We excavate and remove the old surface, regrade the ground and level it out, and then pour fresh new asphalt. Our repair services revitalizes your asphalt surface and gives it new life.Read More

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