Recent Projects

Have a look at some of the recent projects completed by Asphalt By Design.

Asphalt Paving Project In Johns Creek

This was a ground up asphalt paving project in Johns Creek. We started the process by adding six inches of base then adding two layers of asphalt. After paving was completed we laid out and striped the parking area to the blueprints specifications.Read More

McDonough Asphalt Installation

This is a step by step example of how we install a deceleration lane. It was installed for a Henry county fire station. This job was yet challenging considering we had to pass several compaction test and install in several layers.Read More

Athens Asphalt Driveway

This is a driveway in Athens for an upscale home. The driveway was installed in one day the length was over 700 feet long at the width of 11. There was several bump outs for passing cars parking pads and a large apron at it at the end for easy turn out.Read More

Duluth Indoor Striping

This is an indoor striping project the customer needed his concrete floor striped with walkways to keep customers safe and bays to pull equipment into to work in we measured chalk lined and striped the inside of this building to meet there safety protocols so from indoor to outdoor striping sealcoating or paving just give us a call for a free estimate at 678-463-5583.Read More

Atlanta Parking Lot Repair

This is a parking lot for a production office for 20th Century Fox in the city of Atlanta their parking lot had huge holes making it hard to drive over while this was one of our smaller paving projects it had it's challenging areas.Read More

Asphalt Seal Coating Audi of Gwinnett in Duluth, GAAsphalt Seal Coating Audi of Gwinnett in Duluth, GA

This is the parking lot of Rick Case Audi of Gwinnett. Their parking lot was starting to show its age; cracking, lines, fading and an overall graying of the asphalt. Sealing and crack filling the asphalt would greatly improve the appearance.Read More

Asphalt Seal Coating CVS Pharmacy in Stone Mountain, GAAsphalt Seal Coating CVS Pharmacy in Stone Mountain, GA

This is a CVS pharmacy in Stone Mountain Georgia. This parking lot had several oil spots that severely damaged the asphalt and needed to be repaired. The first step to this jobRead More

Sealcoating John's Creek Parkway in Suwannee, GASealcoating John's Creek Parkway in Suwannee, GA

This video shows an example of Asphalt By Designs sealcoating and striping of a business complex in Johns Creek. We take extreme pride in the outcome of our work so we have to start with taking the time to do the proper prep work.Read More

Lake Lanier Asphalt Paving in Ganesville, GALake Lanier Asphalt Paving in Ganesville, GA

This project took place at a beautiful lake front home. Our job was to pave the private road leading up to the house. When we arrived on site the drive was a rugged and ungraded gravel lane. Our first step was to grade the gravel.Read More

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