Asphalt Seal Coating CVS Pharmacy in Stone Mountain, GA

Asphalt Seal Coating CVS Pharmacy in Stone Mountain, GAThis is a Cvs pharmacy in Stone Mountain Georgia. This parking lot had several oil spots that severely damaged the asphalt and needed to be repaired. The first step to this job was to saw cut and remove the damaged areas. After that we compact the base and replace these areas with hot mix asphalt then compact again. Next we remove the grass from the asphalt and clean the surface with wired brooms and blowers. Now that the prep work is done we fill the larger cracks with a hot pour crack sealant. We now apply Star Seal Triton to the asphalt by spray. Finally we stripe the entire parking lot. This parking lot is looking good again and is also level making it much safer to walk on again. For a free estimate call today

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Stone Mountain, GA

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