Lake Lanier Asphalt Paving in Ganesville, GA

Lake Lanier Asphalt Paving in Ganesville, GAThis project took place at a beautiful lake front home. Our job was to pave the private road leading up to the house. When we arrived on site the drive was a rugged and ungraded gravel lane. Our first step was to grade the gravel. After making sure that it was level we compacted the base. Next after making all of the measurements for the drive we laid border strings to assure a straight and precise edge for the new asphalt lane. After that we sprayed Pramitol 25E over the entire base to prevent the possibility of future vegetation growth on the new road. Our next step was to pave the driveway using F type hot mix asphalt, we paved the entire drive at 2 1/2 inches with a paving machine. Then we compacted the asphalt with heavy duty rollers to ensure a smooth surface. Once the asphalt cooled the road was completed and ready for the customer to enjoy!

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Ganesville, GA

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