Atlanta Parking Lot Repair

This is a parking lot for a production office for 20th Century Fox in the city of Atlanta their parking lot had huge holes making it hard to drive over while this was one of our smaller paving projects it had it's challenging areas our first step was to clean and prep the old asphalt afterwards we had to pre patch all the holes to insure a level driving surface the next step is a tack coat this is one of the more important steps because it adheres the two layers old and new next we install the new asphalt and compact the team at 20th Century Fox was so happy to have a drivable road and parking area again so remember from crack filling to paving striping to seal coating feel free to call for a free estimate at 678-463-5583.

Atlanta, GA

If you are looking for parking lot repairs in Atlanta then please call 678-463-5583 or complete our online request form.