Milton Asphalt Paving & Repair Professionals

Milton Asphalt seal coatingFor 15 years the crew at Asphalt by Design has been helping homeowners across Milton and North Central Georgia with all their asphalt paving and repair needs . Whether you're looking for fresh new asphalt or need your old asphalt surface restored, we can help you create a stunning parking lot, street, private road, or driveway. We use asphalt mixture of the highest caliber in order to create a tough surface that can hold up to even the heaviest equipment. Top your freshly laid asphalt off with Asphalt Seal Coating which gives you ultimate protection against rain, stains, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. When you're ready we can help! Contact Asphalt By Design today.

Protect Your Surface with Sealcoating

If you're gong to spend the investment in getting an asphalt driveway or parking lot, then it's just important to make the investment to protect it. Seal-Coat was specifically design to provide ultimate protection for your newly paved asphalt and give it extended life. Although asphalt creates a tough surface when it dries, it has very little resistance to most elements on it's own. Seal-Coat provides insurance for your asphalt and shield it from all types of materials such as salts, chemicals, and petroleum products. Your asphalt is also protected from sunlight and UV radiation, heat and cold, moisture, and is given a maximum barrier for all heavy equipment.

Restore Your Asphalt with Cut & Patch Service

Over time even the most well built asphalt surfaces will suffer from cracks and holes throughout the asphalt. With our simple cut & patch service, we completely fill in all the holes and cracks along your asphalt and bring new life to the finish with a completely cohesive surface. The repaired areas are graded and leveled for a smooth finish every time. Our cut & patch work is designed to reinforce your asphalt and strengthen the entire surface from end to end. When the job is done you can feel confident that your asphalt will many more years to come. Don't wait until it's too late to fix your asphalt surface today. Contact us and let us bring new life to your asphalt finish.

Innovative Striping Solutions

Do you need a parking lot design that is specific for your business? Then we provide custom asphalt striping. We utilize industrial grade paint that retains it's finish year after year. It is clearly marked with absolute precision and has a bright appearance that clearly stands out. Although yellow is the default color for most parking lots, we can also apply different colors to your parking lot. We also do stenciling, numbers and letters if you have specific markings that you need for your parking lot. We also offer our striping services for roads, driveways, and other asphalt surfaces.

Professional Asphalt Paving

We offer comprehensive asphalt paving for all home and business owners in Milton and the surrounding North Central Georgia area. We jobs large and small from small walkways, to mid-size driveways, and even large parking lots. You get complete paving service from design all the way to delivery and installation, and final seal coating. We sit down with you in order help you plan what your asphalt design will look like and work with you closely through every phase in order to guarantee your satisfaction with no hassle whatsoever.

Milton, GA

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