Asphalt Surface: Repair or Replace?

Asphalt Surface Repair

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you know the value of property maintenance. This is why you invest in ongoing care for all components of both your property's interior and exterior. The asphalt surface on your driveway, parking lot, or walkway is no exception. With ongoing care and maintenance you can preserve your asphalt for many years to come. Although the average asphalt surface will last 15-20, there are several different factors and involved. Climate conditions, exposure to moisture, oxidation, and the regularity of vehicle traffic all contribute to the wear and tear of asphalt. When it's time to replace your driveway, and when to continue providing small asphalt repair and maintenance to it. Consider the following factors below.

Cracking & Water Intrusion

When observing your asphalt it's important to take notice of certain qualities in the surface. For instance, take a good look at the cracks and whether or not water is pouring over the surface or into the surface. Since moisture is a key element in the deterioration of asphalt, then it's important that the water is running off to the side rather then pouring into the cracks. If this is a problem that seal-coating can't handle, then it's time to replace your current asphalt.

Hazardous Conditions

Whether you own a parking lot, a driveway, or a walkway, the most important issue is always safety. Most asphalt surfaces receive regular traffic both on foot and in vehicles. Potholes not only put wear and tear on auto suspensions and tires, but, if deep enough, can do serious damage to any car or truck. Asphalt that is loose or cracks that are large enough for heels to become lodged can cause injury. Uneven surfaces can cause tripping. Inspect the asphalt for hazardous conditions. If it seems that they are everywhere, then it's time to have your asphalt replaced.

Short and Long Term Savings

Money is definitely a factor when considering whether to replace or repair your asphalt surface. Will the cost of continuing with repairs and maintenance exceed the cost of replacing the entire area? You have to look at this from both a short and long term point of view. While it is true that you can perform small repairs over time, you have to look at the overall condition of the asphalt. As repairs become more common, then the issue becomes more resounding. The key is ongoing maintenance and seal coating which should be performed every 4-6 years.

Get Professional Advice

When in doubt it's always wise to ask a seasoned and experienced professional who specializes in asphalt paving, maintenance and repair. Make sure that the company that you hire is reputable, certified, and licensed in your state. Ask around for references and get estimates if the company charges for inspections. A knowledgeable and highly trained professionals will be honest and has the ability to identify all issues with the asphalt surface. Call Asphalt by Design today to book your professional service.

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