The Benefits of Using Asphalt for Paving

Benefits of Asphalt for Paving

We are often asked why we use asphalt over other types of material such as concrete. This is a very good question, and we intend to answer that here. We do all numerous paving jobs throughout the year for a variety of different clients including home owners, business owners, public agencies, and so on. Asphalt products receive a very high satisfaction rating, which is one of the reason why we have continued to use it as our primary pavement solution. There are several benefits to asphalt, but we'll cover a few of the most important.


Asphalt for paving last a long time, almost twice as long as as its nearest competitor. When properly paved, and with proper maintenance, the average asphalt surface can last up to 20 years. Considering all the various elements working against it - extreme temperatures, chemicals and oils, oxidation, moisture, and heavy traffic - it's quite an impressive run. it can endure the toughest conditions and the most abuse of any kind of surface. Even when it begins to deteriorate and crack, it still manages to hold up well under the same conditions. This gives it dependability and helps property owners save money over time.

Less Maintenance and Repair

Since asphalt is so durable, it generally requires less maintenance and repair over time. Regardless of how much it is used and abused it is a remarkably durable substance. Most asphalt is treated with a sealant that reinforces it. This particular sealant is only needed about once every 4-6 years. It's important to note that this varies under different conditions and the amount of use it gets. When repair is needed, it's quite simple and fast and requires very little effort. This cuts down on operation costs, labor costs, and supply costs. It's simply a better investment.

More Attractive

When the job is done and there's a final finish put on the asphalt it comes out looking far better than all other types of surfaces. Because of it's dark tone and deep color, asphalt is more stunning, elegant, and considered more professional looking for business. It's dark appearance also helps paint and striping to stand out more, making it easier to see when while driving. Asphalt doesn't fade easily and retains it's look for several years. It holds up well in areas where sunlight is prevalent throughout the year.


There are numerous savings associated with asphalt. First, because it's easy to mix, install, and repair, there are less labor and operation costs for the company. They can pass the savings on to the customer. Because it requires less maintenance, there are also less long-term costs. When asphalt repair is required it's simple and inexpensive and generally completed quickly. No matter how you slice it, asphalt is the best investment for the money. It's an investment that will benefit you for up to 20 years.

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